Do we train our dogs to be like us?

Hello Wonder Walks family! We all train our dogs to be good citizens, and expect them to know the basics, sit, stay, heel etc. We expect them to act appropriately in public and not fight in the dog parks, but what about their social behavior? Meeting and greeting both people and other dogs alike! Have you ever met a dog parent who stops you before you can even ask if the dogs can say hi, with this “SHE/HE doesn’t like other dogs!”

Hmmmmm this always makes me wonder.. I know a few things about dogs and as I cant speak for all, most dogs LOVE other dogs! They will sit still until they can say hi to a dog in its view! They will pull, or even go backward to say hi! So I wonder if its not the dog who doesn’t like other dogs, but possibly the human who doesn’t like interacting with or meeting other humans!

I truly believe that our energy passes through the lead when walking our furry friends. This includes nervousness or insecurity. As the amazing Cesar Millan says, “We are training humans not dogs!” And so I gather, WE may need more training in being social, the way we behave in public or when interacting with other humans! Maybe your dog would LOVE to say hi to other dogs, but feels your nervous or tense energy and understands you don’t like it, and responds accordingly. This is simply my feeling and opinion on the matter, but again maybe its US who needs some training! Dogs seem to have it figured out perfectly!

I always make sure to check my energy before ever touching or walking a dog. I take a breath, let any bad thoughts or stress go, smile, and greet the dog with all the love in the world, just the same as they greet me! Dogs are a gift full of love and pure joy we only get to enjoy them for a short span, and while we have them we need to learn all we can from such loving, forgiving, amazing beings!

Let me know what your thoughts are! Should we try to be more like our furry friends? They have so many good attributes!

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  1. Thanks for that food for thought

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    1. bossybeez says:

      You’re very welcome 😊 just something I’ve wondered about!


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